The Grosse Schweizer Sennenhunde - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog  World Wide Database
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  This pedigree database is being offered as a helpful tool for studying important and historical information about the GSSH/GSMD breed.

  Use of this site's pedigrees is freely available. We do ask that the pedigrees are left in their entirety, with as the source.  Users can take advantage of the test breedings in order to analyze potential breedings.  As the GSSH WWDB grows and more and more pictures are submitted, users can actually visualize the pedigrees.  Most importantly, as the breadth of health data becomes incorporated, these results can be used to help make knowledgeable and informed breeding decisions.

  The information contained herein was collected by various means over several years. Sources and research included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Directly supplied information from database supporters

  • Extensive web site research conducted for names/data of dogs

  • Printed media

  • Entire litter compilations and in-depth pedigree genealogy developed

 This independent site is dedicated as a source for facts about the GSSH/GSMD dogs bred and registered under the rules and orders of the AKC and the FCI (and respective National Clubs). seeks the international support of owners, breeders, affiliates, and fanciers throughout the world to help continually update information and supply photo images.

 It has been a group effort to collect and input the data.  Naturally, in a project of this magnitude, errors and unintentional inaccuracies may occur.  We appeal to our users to help us ensure the accuracy of the data. We have attempted to maintain the integrity of the submitted information through the use of original documentation and official registries.  Any updates we receive will first be validated.  Reported erroneous or inaccurate information contained within the GSSHWWDB will also be confirmed prior to making changes.  Corrections will be made in as timely a manner as possible.

  Please note, it is not uncommon for our pet Swissies to go unrecognized because they were not officially registered.  In order to expand the database to it's full potential, we wish to include written and photo images of these Swissy pets as well.

 To make it easier to recognize a dog's country of origin, we developed a system utilizing international country code abbreviations:  CH = Switzerland, D = Germany, F = France, etc. Registry numbers out of the ancient studbooks of Switzerland (until 1946) are shown without leading letters. All Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America registrations prior to AKC recognition in July 1995 start with US.  GSMDCA registrations post AKC recognition begin with USA.  While every effort has been made to convert all of the registration numbers to this format, due to initial software programming, some substitute numbers can still be found.  These numbers can be replaced as updated documentation is submitted by our users. 

  Some contributors to the database did not want public acknowledgment but their data was validated and included. The official contacts for the project are: Jonathan Bastian, who provides web support, and Sonja Pederson, who manages the hard data (her contact information is on the main search page).  Jonathan and Sonja are by no means the only members, contributors, or lone architects of GSSH WWDB.  Our continued success lies with you, our interested fanciers, affiliates and supporters of the breed.

To paraphrase a coined quote:  “Be faithful to our breed, faithful as the Big Mountian Dog.”

------------Albert Heim


Credits include:
Natural History Museum & Marc Nussbaumer
Bern Switzerland
Friends from across the world supplying images and data.